Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it in Utah with some of Jason's Family. The week was full of football games, Basketball games, shopping, eating yummy food, hanging out with the family and much much more. I'm not really good at the writing thing so I will just let the pics tell the story.

We went to The Little America Hotel Cafe for Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good and the best part about it was that we didn't have to cook or clean up. So nice!!! Lynlee's Family also came to dinner with us. It's always fun to hang out with them. ( Yeah, I know, this pic isn't so good because Jaden turned his head, there's only half of Jason, Jordin is a blur and I'm not in the was a crazy dinner for me, so this pic was just

Jordin was eating everything in her way.....mac-n-cheese and green beans.....

I turned my head for one second and next thing we know she was eating off of Taylor's plate. So he just gave her the rest. I guess mine wasn't good enough for her.

After dinner we walked over to the Grand America Hotel and saw some fun Gingerbread Houses and we got our picture taken for free...and dad thought that there was some free cookies!!

Nick and Jaden were having fun hanging out and being funny!
Jaden's face means "mom, I don't want anymore pictures taken. Stop it."

Nana and Papa Price with the kids

Our family of four, lets hope for some more :)
So when everyone was at the BYU vs UT game, Doug and his little family and I went to the mall and had some fun. We had their family this year for Christmas, so I took the kids to the Build a Bear workshop and let them build a bear. After we went to the work shop the kids got to go and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Nana Anna got them these cute matching PJ's and so with their build a bears in hand it made for this fun Christmas pic.

It is Joselyn's birthday this month so Nana gave her some gifts.....

Jordin wanted to see them too...

She also wanted to taste them or she was going to do something bad.....

This was the face she made after she was told sad :( But she was ok a few minutes later :)

Joselyn and Jess

This was Cami's tree. Someday I hope mine will look like this :)

The classic Santa photo!!

So we hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....Just wanted to say that now in case I don't get my Christmas cards out this year. lol!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

I know, I know...I haven't done a blog for awhile. But now I am back.

Halloween weekend was fun.....

Jordin was Tinker Bell
She loved the candy

Couldn't get

Jaden was Darth Vader

Our Little Tinker Bell didn't know what to do, so she thought it would be fun to play with the rocks instead of trick-or-treating....maybe next year she will know what to do ;)
All in all the kids had a fun weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little Jordin!

Today is our sweet little Jordin's 1st birthday. We love our little princess so much and we feel so blessed to have her in our life.

Me, with my little birthday girl!

Jordin got this cute little pink horse from her Uncle Matt and family. She just loves it!

I saw this cake and I just had to have it for her. The rose cupcake was for her to eat all by herself!

and boy did she love it.

We had a little party for Jaden and Jordin in UT so they could do something with Jason.
(the kids and I are in WA for a few weeks)

I will add more to this post a little later.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sorry I haven't Posted!

It's been a long time since I have been on to post. Things have been a little crazy with trips and Jadens Baseball. I'll try to do a post before I leave for the rez for a few weeks.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Twenties

Here's a look back at my twenties....

1999: I married the man of my dreams on August 7th in the Salt Lake Temple. We also got to enjoy a honeymoon at Disney World. Our First Christmas together we went to Idaho and had Christmas with his family and then for New years we drove to Washington to surprise my mom. The look on here face when we showed up was great!

2000: enjoyed the first year of being married. Jason and I both were working hard in school and at work.

2001: We took our first trip to Hawaii in August, found out in October that we were going to have a baby and became an Aunt for the first time in December.

2002: My brother flew me home to surprise my mom for her big 50th birthday bash in February. I would have to say I just loved the look on her face when she answered the door and I asked if she had an extra bed I could stay in. Once again it was great to see her so surprised. We spent most of the next few months getting ready for our new little one. Jaden Knight was born on July 19th. I was 23 and was so happy with my husband and new little baby boy. On a crazy note, I ended up in the ER with a really bad gallbladder attack two months after I had Jaden. A few days later I had it removed. So I had a baby and surgery all within a few months. I wanted nothing else to do with doctors for the rest of the year. To end the year we got to go back to Washington for Christmas to see both of the families. It was Jadens first Christmas and it was a blast.

2003: Jason was in his last year at BYU and was working on getting into Dental school.
We also got to go back to Washington to be at my brothers wedding.

2004: Found out that Jason was accepted into Creighton Dental School, Jason walked at his BYU Graduation, and we packed our stuff and moved to Omaha in August. We moved to a place called Village Green and began our Dental School adventure.

2005: I was enjoying living in Omaha and living in Village Green. I made so many new and long time friends there. Jaden was getting bigger and life was going great. In December we lost Jason's Grandpa Kay. So we went home for the funeral and the Christmas season to be with family.

2006: was spent hanging out in Omaha. We went to Utah for Cami and JR's wedding. Jaden started Pre-K that fall...In November my mom called me and told me that my grandmother had just passed away and that she was on her way to go be with her dad and family. Jaden and I went to be with my mom and family in Montana and then my grandfather got really sick and he passed away a few days! Both grandparents within a few days a each other. That was really hard and I am thankful that my brother and his family helped me get out there to be with my mom. After Montana I went back to Omaha and then we flew to Washington for Christmas and then to Utah for Nate and Lynlees wedding. After that Jason went Back to Omaha for school and I went back to Washington to hang out for a few more weeks.

2007: Was full of ups and downs. I'll start with some ups. In January, I got to meet my brothers new little baby boy Cameron. In May, My mom took Jaden and I to Disney Land with my brother and his family. It was soooo much fun. I just love anything Disney. It keeps me young! In July I went back to Montana for a big life celebration for my grandparents that had passed away. I got to see a lot of extended family that I haven't seen in years..It was the last time that We would all be together at the Lake house where my grandparents had spend their last years together.. It was a great time that I will never forget. I got to attended my ten year High School reunion in WA and had a great time hanging out with a lot of great old friends. Jason was going to start his senior year in Dental School. It was so nice to think that there would be a end to all his schooling. There were many more ups, but like I said, we had a few downs...We had been trying for a few years to get pregnant and we finally got pregnant. We were so happy that we would be adding to our little family. So we found out in June that we were pregnant and then a few weeks later after all our summer fun we found out in August that we had lost the baby...I would have to say that was the hardest thing that I had ever had to face in my life..But Jason and Jaden were there to help me day by day...My friends and family also were a be support. So after all that Jason and Jaden both went back to school and I went and found a job working at Zales. Now back to the ups!!! Surprise to us I found out that I was pregnant. What, how did that happen???? Funny thing was, the baby was due on July 16th....Jaden was due on July that was kind of funny to us. So for all that had happen that year, it was a great way to end the year.

2008: Jason was done with Dental School. Now it was time to wait for our next little one to join our family. Jordin Elizabeth was born on July 9th. Now I had my boy and my new little girl...This was such a great moment in my life..I didn't think that this would be..My two kids..I love saying that. I still feel that there are more waiting to come down, but when, who knows...But for now, We have our two and we are very thankful for that. A few weeks later we moved to a rez in Fort Defiance, AZ because Jason took a job with the IHS..It's only for a few years but man has it been hard. My mom came out for a few weeks to see the baby and help us move in. My brother with his family and dad and grandma also came to see us out here..We spent a lot of our three and four day weekends driving out to Utah to go to some of the BYU games and to see family. We also took a little trip to Las Vegas so Jason could go to the BYU football game. Christmas was spent here on the rez with lots of snow....

2009: lots of snow on the rez and I thought that the winter would never end. A few more trips to Utah to see family and just hang out. We also made it to Las Vegas in March for more BYU sports games. In April I took a drive down to Queen Creek and Mesa, AZ and just had a fun time hanging out with some great friends. We also went back to UT for some BYU graduations. We just love to travel.

So in my twenties I would have to say it has been great.. A lot of ups and downs. I have learned many things and I hope and think that I have grown from them all...Now I am sure that my thirty's will bring many more ups and downs and I look forward to see what must come my way....I know that I have forgotten a few things, so please leave me a note if you remember something that I should add.. This will be for me to look back on and remember the good and the bad times....Thanks to everyone who has been there for me in all my ups and downs. I love you all!!!


Lots of fun times for the month of april...i'll post them soon..

Monday, March 30, 2009


March was a fun month. It started off with Jason turning 32. Then a few days later we took a little trip to Vegas. Here's some things that we got to do in Vegas..

BYU basketball games..That was fun to take Jaden.. I think that he had a lot of fun. He loves BYU anything sports...Maybe someday we can watch him in a BYU sport..LOL!!!

The Wax museum. That was fun.. At first Jaden didn't know what to think when he walked in and saw all the wax people. I think that it kind of confused him but then a little later he thought it was cool...

Jaden and I on the gondola ride..

We did a lot of walking around at some of the big Hotels....didn't buy anything...I took some fun pictures with my camera, which I still have no idea how to use...Still learning.

After Vegas it was back to work and school for the boys. The weather was nice for a few days so we took that time to go on our first hike. We live in the middle of no where so we can pretty much just walk out our back yard and go on a hike. It was a little windy but still the sun felt good and we all got a little color..

Let's see...not much more to say about March... Now it's time for April and lets hope that the weather gets better so we can go on some fun hiking trips..